SAB Vera 2 gr. Multiboiler


Vera – den futuristiske espressomaskine multiboiler

Fås 2 groups – manuel eller som manuel multiboiler


Vera – den futuristiske espressomaskine

Fås i 2 udgaver – traditionel eller multiboiler

Professional espresso coffee machine with stainless steek body

Stainless steel steem / water arm

Side customizable colored panel with plexiglass cover (extra)

The drip tray can be set to four different high levels

Coffee pre-infusion system and thermosiphon system

Dimension : 900x620x500
Boiler : 10L + 2 x 0,9 L
Weight : 69,5
Power : 2.000 +2.200 W

Service Boiler (water/steam) om copper 10 L – 2.000 W
Independent stainless steel boilers of 0,9 L on each group
1100W each – driven by af P.I.D. thermostat which guarantees thermal
stability and allows to regulate the water temperature of each group independently.
Standard sides colours : Red, Black and PaleBlue





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